Aging With Alexa

A step-by-step course to learn how to use your Amazon Echo device and Alexa. The Aging With Alexa course designed with older adults, family and caregivers in mind!

Alexa is a game-changer for senior adults, families and caregivers.

Aging with Alexa is a step-by-step program designed to take you by the hand to set up, use and enjoy your Amazon Echo or other Alexa-enabled device. Designed with senior adults and family caregivers in mind, get up to speed quickly with your hands-free, voice-driven new companion for quality of life!

The Aging With Alexa Program, will walk you through exactly how to  best utilize Alexa for your own home and family needs. You’ll learn your way around the Alexa App, customize your settings and understand the many features available, along with their voice commands. We’ll also take a look at Alexa Skills (apps) and how easy it is to connect your home – great for home safety, fall prevention or just plain fun!  You’ll be best friends with Alexa in no time!

Hands-Free, Voice-driven, Exciting! Learn How!

Admittedly, many of the devices we’ve used in the past have become more difficult to see, difficult to use and don’t seem to evolve with us as we age. The Echo and other Alexa devices are changing how we, and our elder parents, grandparents and family interact with our homes, each other and the community around us. Register for the Aging With Alexa course and shorten your learning curve!

Who's the course for:


New to the Echo & Alexa

You’re new to the Echo product line or have a device but you’re not sure how to use it. “What’s an Echo?” “Who’s Alexa?


Need Alexa app help

You want to understand how to configure your services within the Alexa app – “But I don’t have a mobile phone”


Need a little help

You’re an older adult, or someone hindered by limited vision, mobility or other challenges – “I hear Alexa can help turn on lights, read my kindle books and play music. That would be great!”


Have an elder parent or grandparent

You care for or about a loved one who lives far away and wish it was easier to make contact remotely and be sure all is OK.


You live alone

Sometimes it’s tough living alone. It can be isolating or lonely. “I live with too much silence. Can the Echo help?”


In the Know & Fun

You’re a bit of a techie and want to stay up to date with the latest capabilities – “It would be nice to find all the information in one place!”

What you can use Alexa for!



Music, stories, sports and listen to Kindle books! – “I lost my eyesight to macular degeneration a few years back so have trouble seeing buttons – dialing the phone, turning on the TV, anything with a button or switch is difficult. Now I just ask Alexa. It’s easy!”



Search Wikipedia, get news briefings, weather, sport scores, cooking conversions or math calculations, find out what’s playing at the movies, add a doctors appointment to a to-do list. Just ask.


Give Someone a Call

Make calls from your Echo device with Alexa. You can call another Echo, a mobile number or a landline. Really? YES!  And you can send voice messaging also. Just ask Alexa to make a call.


Home Safety

Connect and control appliances to make your home smarter. Turn on lights, small appliances, and even make coffee. “Mom is a bit wobbly when she wakes in the middle of the night. It’s a relief she can now just say” “Alexa, turn on the bedroom light”

Learn to use your Voice

and make things happen!

Intro: Course Overview

Simple things often become a bit more difficult with age. Difficult to see, difficult to use or perhaps just difficult to keep up. What a relief to just use our voices!!  Welcome to Aging With Alexa, your online course to learn how to use your voice with your Amazon device and Alexa. The course is delivered in bite-size videos, with over 2.5 hours of video content! There are downloadable guides and more too!

Lesson 1 : An Introduction to the Devices

We’ll take a look at the current Echo product line and cover “best-fit” device selection for older adults, families and caregivers. 19min.

Lesson 2 : Set Up, Configure and Personalize

We’ll walk through device set up, connecting to WiFi, pairing with Bluetooth, and how to personalize your profile. All within the Alexa App! 13min.

Lesson 3: 10 Things To Do First

We recommend doing ten things that will make your experience with your device and Alexa more fruitful. (well, ok, there’s actually more than ten!) 24min.

Lesson 4 : Things to Try

We walk through how to set up lists, reminders, alarms, your calendar, local info and more. Lots’ to cover to allow you to choose which is important for you, your home and your loved one! 26min.

Lesson 5 : Let's Play Music or Read a Book!

Choose a default music service and play your favorite artist or playlist!  Have a Kindle or an Audible account? Just ask and hear your book read to you via Alexa. We’ll show you how. 17min.

Lesson 6 : Make a Call, Send a Message

Hands-free, just your voice to make phone calls or send a voice message. We’ll walk through setup suggestions and more. 21min.

Lesson 7 : Alexa Skills

What’s an Alexa Skill? Skills = Apps. Learn how to locate and enable Alexa Skills for your lifestyle and home! 13min.

Lesson 8 : Connect Your Home

Every week there are Alexa-compatible devices coming to market. learn the why, what and how in connecting your home with Alexa. 14min.

Wrap Up

Course Wrap up, Content downloads and more. 4min.

Heidi Culbertson


Heidi is a 25+ year technology executive and the CEO of Marvee LLC, a senior living platform extended as an Alexa Skill to help older adults and families stay connected and engaged. Heidi brings her experience at the forefront of wireless and mobile applications to now serve the over-55 population, believing the impact of voice-first solutions is a game-changer as we all age.

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